Basic Settings

The culture for this module.
Neutral Culture Neutral Culture
Displays the name of the module.
Enter a title for the module. The title will appear in the title bar of the container for this module, if supported by the container.
Select items from the drop-down to tag this module.

Advanced Settings

Check this box to allow the module to be shared across sites.
Check this box to restrict the module to be shared as View Only.
Check this box to suppress the message at the top of the module, stating that it is only visible to administrators (if no additional permissions granted).
Enter header text that will appear above the content of this module.
Enter footer text that will appear below the content of this module.
Select the start date for displaying this module. The module will only be visible to users with Manage permissions prior to this date.
Select the end date for displaying this module. The module will only be visible to users with Manage permissions after this date.
A unique identifier for this module on the page. This can be used by WEB API callers to set the context of the Tab and Module context.

Added to Pages

This module has not been added to any other pages.
RoleView ModuleEdit ModuleActions
AdministratorsNot SpecifiedPermission Granted
All UsersNot SpecifiedPermission Granted
Registered UsersNot SpecifiedPermission Granted

Basic Settings

Select an icon to display in the title bar of this module.
Select the default alignment of module content.

Enter a color name or hexadecimal value for the background of this module.
Enter a border width for the module.
Choose the default visibility for this module. I.e. whether the module is collapsed or expanded.

Check this box to display the module container.
Check this box to enable printing on this module.
Check this box to enable RSS on this module.
Check this box to make this module an IE8 Web Slice.
Select a container for the module.

Cache Settings

Select the provider to use for this page.
Enter the duration (in seconds) to cache the page for. This must be an integer.

Advanced Settings

Check this box to use the Page Settings of this module as the default settings when adding new modules. Administrators only.
Check this box to apply the Page Settings of this module to all existing modules. Administrators only.
Select the page this module instance will be moved to.

SMTP Settings

Email Settings

Enter the subject of an email, It will be the email subject for the recipients. Current date can be added to the subject with a keyword "[DATETIME]"
Enter the from email address, from where email will be sent.
Enter the to email address, to where an email will be sent. Enter multiple emails separated by the comma (,) semicolon (;) or colon (:)
After sending email, message to show user.
Enter the URL with http:// to redirect the page after submitting the form.
Select the timezone you want datetime get mentioned at the email.
In Select the auto-response, "Filled Form" will send the same email that admin user receives (email defined at "To Email"), "Content" option sends the text configured for the Auto Response Content.
Set the email field, If selected field has no email it could throw the error while posting the form. If you can not see the list of field, please create the form with email field before configure the auto response.
The text/email that will be automatically sent to the user on the filling and posting the form by the user, It's response text to the user email.
Select the editor to use.

Form data cab be sent as email or saved at the database

Form Settings

Select the color to set the Caption/font of the form (i.e. Name, Email, Message etc..).

Name of the submit button on the form.

Enter the CSS class name to apply the style to the submit button like "btn btn-primary","btn btn-success" etc.

Adjust the height of form in pixels or percentage i.e. 100%

Set the position of send button on the form.

Show Google reCAPTCHA, Enter the reCAPTCHA Site key (Key can be generated from

reCaptcha Secret Key (Key can be generated from (Only enter if you want server side captcha validation)

License / Activate Module

Enter the Invoice ID you get when purchase the module, you should get a email when purchased the module or collect Invoice ID from against purchased module.
License Key makes your module Activ, click on the Activate button to activate the module.

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